About this Blog

To be honest, I started writing this blog as my own notebook to look-up information that I gathered from different websites and by experimenting with different tools or code. Too often, I took short notes, jotting down only the information based on what I didn’t know at this time (and left out the things I knew). Hence, reading these note couple of months later, it took me some time to get back into the subject.

So this blog is a cleaned-up version of my notes, including all the things I need to know to get back into the material again – and hopefully you, too. I know there are lots of tutorials on the Internet. This blog is for people who are developers already but want to learn how to use (new) tools or concepts they haven’t used before or want to come back to. I appreciate any kind of feedback.

In my previous life as a Java developer, I have basically focussed on the code, but not too much on operations (the workflow to get your software running on different environments other than your local machine). I want to catch up on this topic in this blog – mainly because with the rise of cloud computing, operations have become more interesting and exciting.

About me

In my professional life, I help teams and organisations to deliver better outcomes. I untangle the knots that prevent teams and organisations from achieving their full potential. You can find more information about me on my professional blog.

My background lies in software-development and software-architecture. I have been working for over 20 years for national and multi-national organisations in large and small teams. In 2006 I came in touch with agile values and principles. Since then I am applying these values on a daily basis as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

However, I still can’t detach myself from software-development. I like technology and I like to see something great evolving with some lines of structured code-pieces. However, in reality, it’s software development is often about thinking, doing, sometimes wondering why it doesn’t work (or also why it works), using StackOverflow a lot (or contributing to it), and learning constantly.

I use this blog as a documentation, so I can look up topics I haven’t used for some time and already forgot about the details. I intend to share small tutorials, using knowledge from different sources and my own experience, so you can take the shortcut without having to go through the same struggle I did.