Classloader Hierarchy

JVM Classloading

Java Byte-Code When you compile java-code (.java files and resources), the compiler will generate so-called byte-code (.class files, or packaged .jar files). This byte-code can’t be executed by the local operating system, but only by the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE is the environment where a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) runs. The benefits...

Simplified SSH protocol for Client Authentification

SSH Protocol and Key Generation

SSH is a protocol used to transfer data between to entities (client and server or services) using encryption. It’s basically a telnet where data is transferred over a secure channel. This means that all data transmitted in both directions is secure from eavesdropping. In software development it is used to securely connect to a...

iTerm2 and zsh

iTerm2 and zsh

This article outlines how to install my preferred development environment using iTerm2 and zsh (Z shell) together with some plugins on MacOSX. It doesn’t go into much detail and describes a hands-on installation of these tools....

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